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Music Startups Received $24.3 Million In August…

Let September begin! According to our latest tallies, investors delivered a plump $24.3 million to music startups in August.  That represents a major jump over July totals of $14.5 million, itself considered quite healthy.

Overall, year-to-date funding now stands at a bullish $437.3 million, a figure that looks poised to cross the half-billion-mark in the coming months.

Clearly, there’s a lot of money in play, bubble be damned.  The August purse included an impressive, $16 million second round for RootMusic (just announced), and an $8 million injection for networked stereo and media hardware manufacturer Roku (which is probably stretching the ‘startup’ definition a bit).

And, this is what the full-year calculation looks like (drop a comment if you want to play around with the source xls.)

Source: http://digitalmusicnews.com/stories/083111august

Top 10 Facebook Applications for Music Lovers

Considering a Facebook application renaissancecould be on its way, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the apps that managed to make and keep themselves relevant during the Dark Ages. If you’re a music lover, check out this list of 10 great options to consider for adding some more music-related interactivity to your Facebook profile.

Whether it’s expressing your love for music on your Facebook profile or even casual “I like this song” folks wanting to share the occasional tune with friends, you’ll probably find something of interest on this list. And of course, if you know of any other worthwhile music apps we missed, let us know in the comments.

10. MixPod

mixpodThis app integrates with the MixPod site to let you create playlists and embed them on your Facebook profile. They have a fairly large selection and you can browse by year which is a nice feature — but be sure to test out the tracks you’ve added before posting the playlist. We had trouble with a few of the songs not playing, or being unmarked covers of the originals.

You also have a number of styles to choose from for your playlist, from utilitarian to playful. You’ll have to create a MixPod account to set up, save and embed your playlists.

9. Music Video Jukebox

music-vid-jukeboxThis is a fun little app that makes it easy to post music videos to your profile from YouTube or last.fm. You can search for YouTube videos right inline from the app, or let it scan your Facebook profile’s musical favorites section to help surface videos you might like. Or, hook it in to your last.fm account to pull in the videos from the most recent tracks you’ve listened to, and post them to your profile with one click.

8. Music Challenge

music-challengeFor the more trivia minded among you, Music Challenge is one of the more popular music trivia apps at almost 3.4 million monthly active users. It follows a typical “name that tune” format, where you have to identify the song based on the audio being played. In bonus mode, you also get points for identifying the artists.

7. Music

my-musicDubbed simply Music, this is another twist on sharing songs through your profile. You can upload your own tracks to share in your embedded playlist — although hosting limitations constrain you to only two at a time. However, you can also add and share any music from URLs on the web, including YouTube. Grab the URL of the track or YouTube music video you want to include and paste it into the “Add Song” interface to build up your playlist.

6. Last.fm Profile

lastfm-profileWhereas last.fm used to have its own official Facebook app, they’re interestingly deprecating it in favor of third-party community apps. The last.fm Profile app is one of the better among them, and allows you to add a handy tab to your Facebook profile with stats from your last.fm profile. Simply add the app, submit your last.fm username, and once the data is cleared you can add the last.fm profile as a new tab in your Facebook profile.

5. My Band

my-bandIf you’re a music lover who is also a musician, you might want to check out My Band. It’s a promotional tool to enhance your Facebook Page with band-specific needs like gig schedules (including ticket sales), music sales, mailing lists and street teams, and analytics on who is listening and sharing your tunes.

4. imeem

imeem-fbThis official app from the folks at imeem lets you integrate your imeem profile with Facebook, but can also be useful even if you don’t spend much time on imeem itself. After adding the app you can add songs, videos, and playlists to your profile from the featured, most played this month, and top ranked leaderboards, or add any track imeem hosts by pasting its URL into the Facebook app. You can also see your Facebook friends’ imeem activity and manage your profile from within the app.

3. Pandora

pandora-fbIf you already use Pandora, its official app will help you integrate your listening with Facebook. You can set up either a sidebar box with details from your Pandora listening or add it as a new tab to your Facebook profile. Show off your latest stations, favorite artists and songs to your Facebook friends, or create new custom stations right from within the app. You can also see what your Facebook friends are listening to from the Pandora app dashboard.

2. Share Song

groovesharkFrom the folks at Grooveshark, the Share Song application is one of those simple yet very effective apps that simply lets you find and share music easily. Just search for the track you want to listen to or share, and if it exists in Grooveshark’s 8+ million song database you can post it to your profile or send it directly to friends.

1. iLike

ilikeAlthough it’s owned by rival MySpace, iLike has been one of the most popular music applications on Facebook for some time. You can listen to and post songs to your profile, get music news and updates, find nearby concerts and more.

Source: http://mashable.com/2009/11/10/music-facebook-applications/

#MIDEM MidemNet Wrap-up: Day One

Stuart Dredge has been typing his little hands off….

The first day of MidemNet is done, following a mix of panels, speeches and startling industry moustaches. Here’s a rundown of what we, the official Midem Blog and our event partner Digital Music News have been publishing. What did we learn from day one?

The silver linings of cloud music
The cloud music session was sparky, as Sony Music, mSpot, simfy and Catch Media debated the challenges and opportunities of the cloud. Catch boss Harry Maloney picked a fight with mSpot’s Daren Tsui over licensing (or the lack of it in mSpot’s case), while simfy’s Christophe Lange stressed the importance of user engagement in building a successful cloud offering. Meanwhile, Sony’s Thomas Hesse had a request for Apple. “If you’re an iTunes user now, wouldn’t it be nice if you could stream or re-download all the music you’d bought on that to all your devices. Wouldn’t that be fabulous? And we’d wholeheartedly endorse that…”
Liveblog – http://tinyurl.com/6j8cgqp

Vivendi boss expects Spotify US launch
Vivendi CEO Jean-Bernard Levy called for more anti-piracy legislation, had warm words for ISPs, and held UMG up as a model for cost-cutting effiency in his keynote. And Spotify? “We expect Spotify to be able to find agreements with all its partners that it could launch as early as possible in the United States, but there are other streaming and subscription services available to American consumers. At the end of the day, the market is very complicated…”
Liveblog – http://tinyurl.com/68r563p

OK Go going HTML5, while Imogen Heap gets crowdsourced
This morning’s artist panel saw OK Go’s Damian Kulash and solo artist Imogen Heap talking about their social media success. Heap is planning to write songs with the help of fans, who’ll provide the audio samples, lyrics and video. Meanwhile, OK Go is working on an HTML5 music video with Mozilla, the company behind the web browser Firefox.
Liveblog – http://tinyurl.com/6xqufhz

Saul Klein gives Index Ventures’ view on music
Index Ventures has invested in firms including Last.fm, Songkick, SoundCloud, Sonos, DoubleTwist and RjDj. He talked about the company’s “Jekyll and Hyde attitude towards dealing with content owners”, praised startup culture in Europe (particularly London), and said music services shouldn’t get hung up on going global too quickly. “Look at Spotify in Sweden. It is the number one source of income for the labels, not just digital, but physical as well… Pick your market, win big and then go back and say ‘hey, what are you going to do for me now?’. Don’t obsess about this regional, global, intergalactic rights. Focus on a market, kill it, then go to another one!”
Liveblog – http://tinyurl.com/6hqpeow

Sony takes Music Unlimited more global (and to iPhone/Android)
Sony launched its Omnifone-powered Music Unlimited service last month in the UK and Ireland, but today it went live in France, Germany, Spain and Italy too. Sony Network Entertainment boss Tim Schaaff promised a US launch this quarter, and promised that it won’t be restricted to Sony devices, with plans to launch apps for iPhone and Android. The firm is certainly ambitious. “Our studies show that about 85-90% of the consumers aren’t really involved in the digital music revolution at all. That customer base is a customer base that Sony communicates to every day.”
Liveblog – http://tinyurl.com/6eaeh4f

Vodafone has 100k paying music subscribers
The Foursquare / Vodafone session was a big disappointment today: why no questions for Foursquare co-founder Naveen Selvadurai about, er, music? The audience were left to draw their own conclusions about how artists and labels can use the social location service. However, co-interviewee Lee Epting from Vodafone at least dished out some stats: “We are targeting one million paid subscribers for music in this calendar year, and in the UK we’re already in excess of 100,000…”
Story – http://tinyurl.com/6y5nc8p

Mark Mulligan thinks music services need more SPARC
What? Social, Participative, Accessible, Relevant and Connected. The Forrester analyst outlined the keys for success for new music services in his speech this morning. Also included: the claim that “YouTube is music’s killer app”; the fact that ownership matters much less to 12-15 year-old ‘digital natives; and that user experience is key. “Content is no longer king. Its throne has been taken by experience. Yet how many music services really focus on experience?”
Liveblog – http://tinyurl.com/657wqkg

Metric’s manager called for less doom’n’gloom
Crystal Math Management’s co-founder Mathieu Drouin predicted an industry shakeout this year, and criticised the woes around music sales. “We have to stop reading press about how bad the music business is. It’s a disruption that is not healthy for us… We have to just turn that noise down, because it really is misleading… Mindshare of the press is coming from people running multi-national corporations.”
Liveblog – http://tinyurl.com/6e8qr7o

Music Ubiquity talks are… ubiquitous
The five-minute talks in between sessions this year focused on music ubiquity, with Terry McBride, Gerd Leonhard and Ted Cohen among the speakers. McBride warned of the dangers of the ‘black cloud’ for artists, while Leonhard offered some examples of social commerce from outside the music industry. Meanwhile, Cohen warned the industry about dragging its heels (again). “What do music fans want? They want interoperability… We need to get to complete ubiquity. We need to start looking at the pie, not the platform.”
McBride – http://tinyurl.com/6abwr9h
Leonhard – http://tinyurl.com/6fr4txv
Cohen – http://tinyurl.com/67je2yv

Tommy Boy’s Tom Silverman reckons Midem was 60% labels, 30% publishers and 10% other companies ten years ago. “Now, it’s 10 percent publishers, 5 percent labels, and 85 percent ‘other’.” Meanwhile, DMN has also picked up on the meme of Midem so far: Ted Cohen’s moustache.moustache. More seriously, it reflects the view of many audience members for the Licensing Crash Test session: “the licensing process in Europe – and worldwide – remains insanely complicated, and full of endless negotiations, demands, MFNs, and lurking litigants.  Just like before.  Just like ten years ago.”
Silverman – http://tinyurl.com/6zecp9s
Tache – http://tinyurl.com/6erdxos
Licensing – http://tinyurl.com/5rvtdep