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Talking Music Making with Andrea from Digital Music Trends

Digital Music Trends – Episode 76.

Social 50 Music Chart : Which artists are maxin’ it on Facebook

I read somewhere that there is a whole server at Twitter HQ data centre that is dedicated the Justin Bieber…or was it the data centre at Facebook? Anyway its a shed load and will only get bigger as these artists see even greater potential for promoting themselves and the stuff they love and endorse……

That reminds me, if I have a shave with a Gillette will I end up in the ‘off couse’ mess that Tiger Woods was in? Here’s hoping, as I never did like golf – spoils a good walk.

Social 50 Music Chart | Billboard.com.

SongHi going to MIDEM – swing by and say hi

If there ever was any doubt, the invitation to join MIDEM, the showcase for cutting edge digital music innovations, proves that SongHi.com is one of the select few elites in contemporary music industry.
SongHi.com is a free browser based music making application created by SongHi Entertainment Ltd. The players attempt to become the most popular virtual star in SongHi.com by competing with other players by making, sharing, and publishing songs that are made with the application’s own music engine.
SongHi offers a new revenue stream and promotional tool for artists, record labels and entertainment brands through the sales of virtual items and in-game advertising. These items include original artist voice samples, look-alike instruments, clothing and accessories, and user created ringtones.
The service’s exceptional promise has not gone unnoticed by MidemNet, who hand picks the companies with most potential in mobile, B2B and B2C applications and music services to participate in MIDEM, an annual event bringing together the music industry’s influencers, decision makers and innovators from all around the world.

MIDEM is held from 22 to 26 January, in Cannes.
SongHi.com will participate in a panel on Monday 24.1., and MidemNet Lab on Tuesday 25.1.
At other times, SongHi.com representatives can be found at the Musex stand.

MidemNet Lab unveils its international and innovative line-up of music start-ups: http://www.midem.reedmidem.com/ebrochures/press/MidemNetLab_3_UK.html
The home page of SongHi: http://www.songhi.com/
The home page of SongHi Entertainment: http://www.songhientertainment.com/