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Last minute shoppers to flock to mobile this year: Google

The holidays are nearing, and even though we all know that they’ll be here sooner than later, many of us will procrastinate and wait until the last minute before we burst into a frantic last minute shopping drive.

Fortunately, rushing to buy gifts at the last minute isn’t as difficult as it used to be thanks to the smartphone.

With one in hand, it’s possible to remain relatively sane while zig-zagging around town looking for the most elusive of gifts — the day before it’s needed.

Given the rapid rise in smartphone penetration, it’s no surprise that quite a few people use their mobile devices as a shopping assistant during the holiday season.

In fact, Google predicts that this year mobile devices will be a life-saver for a significant minority of searchers. “Based on historical growth rates,” Google sees 44% of searches for last minute gifts and store location queries coming from mobile devices this holiday season.

According to Google, there are high-value searches as “65% of high end device users report that they have used their device to find a business, and then made a purchase at that business in person“.

What’s more: the effect could be immediate. The search giant suggests that last minute holiday searches may often be driven by consumers who “have missed the deadline for free shipping and are motivated to locate and shop at brick and mortar locations”.

The implication for retailers: if you don’t have a mobile strategy this holiday season, you’re at a huge disadvantage.

Of course, Google hopes that mobile strategies will increasingly call for investment in Google Mobile Ads, but as beneficial as mobile marketing may be, mobile strategy is about more than just marketing.

Savvy retailers hoping to capitalize on opportunities in the coming months would be wise to consider the importance of offering a mobile-optimized website (or native app) that makes it easy for potential customers to identify store locations and to determine which products are available (read: in stock) at those locations.

After all, a mobile consumer looking for specific products doesn’t just want to know where your stores are; she wants to know, at a minimum, which stores have those products and how much they cost.

Today, offering anything less than this is a losing proposition even with the most robust mobile marketing campaign.

Source: http://econsultancy.com/uk/blog/7977-last-minute-shoppers-to-flock-to-mobile-this-year-google?utm_medium=email&utm_source=topic

Keeping a balanced investment between apps and mobile

A Microsoft study found that consumer usage of mobile Web browsers and mobile apps is equal, signaling the importance for marketers to keep a balanced investment between the two.

The Microsoft data shows that there are no significant behavioral differences across mobile operating systems. Thus, marketers should consider campaigns that include multiple handsets to achieve the campaign objectives and optimize reach metrics instead of focusing on select OSs, per Microsoft.

“Consumers are more engaged with mobile than we think,” said Pavan Li, senior research manager at Microsoft Advertising, Redmond, WA. “Our findings showed nine of 10 mobile Internet users have used mobile search and eight of 10 mobile Internet users have used their mobile device as part of their purchase process.

“Focus on the reach instead of the OS,” she said.

A Forrester Research study predicts that marketers will finally allocate sufficient funds into mobile, with an estimated $1 billion in spend for mobile display and search advertising by year-end.

The Microsoft Advertising mobile ad network reaches 55 percent of U.S. mobile Internet users, according to Nielsen’s May 2010 Mobile Media View.

Microsoft’s mobile ad network reaches users on the following handsets:  59 percent on iPhone, 53 percent on Android, 45 percent on BlackBerry and 55 percent on feature phones, per Nielsen.

Mobile Web and apps are both important
Here are some of the main takeaways of the Microsoft research:

Mobile has become a part of cross-media consumption

There are more heavy mobile Web users than heavy app users

Mobile ad exposure impact store traffic

Multi-screen exposure drives increased brand interaction and conversion

Microsoft Advertising advises marketers to keep a balanced investment between applications and the mobile Web.

Maintaining a balanced approach with on-deck and off-deck ads targeting both the mobile Web and apps will increase the success of mobile campaigns aimed at driving consumer reach and engagement, per Microsoft.

“To maximize audience reach and engagement, marketers need to consider a more balanced approach to mobile campaigns that include mobile browsers as well as mobile apps across multiple handsets, including Windows Phone 7, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and feature phones,” Ms. Li said.

“Based on our findings, iPhone users are the most balanced users between apps and browser,” she said. “It is completely different from what we would assume due to the focus on iPhone apps in the consumer and trade press.”

Source: http://www.mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/research/9756.html