A Londoner born and bred, traveled the world building many great companies. I am into all things mobile, social and tech and I’m fascinated at how mobile continues to change our lives every day.

I am a successful mobile marketing and advertising guy, an entrepreneur and angel investor in businesses across mobile, gaming, advertising and marketing.

Having spent the past 12 years or so working in start-ups I am pretty well versed in what does work and what doesn’t. Part of the reason for putting together this  blog was to share things that interest me. I also believe that shared experiences are the best things for helping people make the best of their lives, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to share some of life’s experiences.

On the business side of things, I was instrumental in building the mobile marketing and advertising business in Europe with Enpocket, with its eventual sale to Nokia Interactive, now known as Nokia’s NAVTEQ.

I was also founder of matmob – my digital and mobile consultancy working with a number of brands, media owners, publishers, mobile content companies mobile start-ups. Delivering strategy, market entry, partnerships and early stage revenues.

I have also been at the heart of mobile content, apps and mobile marketing & advertising markets as part of the founding management team that built into a successful global ad funded mobile content business.

I am an angel investor and Board Advisor at SongHi Entertainment Limited, which recently launched and was a Techcruch finalist at GeeknRolla. SongHi is a a destination for teenagers to be become the virtual musical stars of tomorrow. A mix of music creation, gaming and a quest for stardom.

I used to race motorcycles but now I can be seen on a bicycle – a little safer and much healthier….unless you cycle round London everyday!

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