Can Social Gaming Revive The Music Industry?

Music Industry has often been criticized for failing to come up with a viable business plan to tap the internet market. Piracy and sharing have made matters worse as people tend to assume that everything that’s on the internet is free to be shared. With flurry of peer-to-peer sites and torrents, it seemed things could only get worse for the industry.

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But there is a silver lining in waiting and it could come in the form of Social gaming. In its first of a kind collaboration, Zynga has partnered with Lady Gaga to launch GagaVille. The game is up an live today. The game gives “little monsters” throughout the world a first listen to exclusive un-released songs from the upcoming when they visit GagaVille, a uniquely designed neighboring farm in FarmVille. The full album also comes bundled as a free download with the purchase of a special Zynga $25 game card, available exclusively at Best Buy.

What impresses me is how beautifully Zynga has placed ads into its most popular game. Gamers are not annoyed by traditional ad formats like pop-ups and at the same time are engaged with the product of the advertisers.

Its a win-win situation for Zynga and Gaga, Zynga benefits by increasing stickiness to its games and earning profits from game cards while Gaga gets a huge publicity for herself and her new album. It could be a new revenue model for both artists and gaming studios which could set a precedent of things to come. Lady Gaga has been attributed forreviving the music industry in 2010. As Grape Juice states, “Similar to a young Madonna, GaGa has used innovative music videos to her stunning stage shows to separate herself from her contemporaries, capturing public interest in a way that no other act has managed in years”.

Gaga has again differentiated herself from others by engaging with a gaming studio. Will she be second time lucky?


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