Bank of America…your website sucks!

I recently tried to open a bank account in dollars with an American bank. So I thought Bank of America, lets give them a try first – seemed a reasonable idea. I go the website, click on the contact us button, it takes me to a wonderful interactive map of the USA where you highlight a state and up pops a window showing all the locations and info for their branches in that state – wow, fabulous!

To one is another link that says ‘International Locations’, so far so good, lets see if they have a office in London.
I click on the link and a drop menu appears with a list of all every state of the USA and no international info.
At this point you can make that noise on Family Fortunes when someone gets the answer wrong. You know the sound I mean.
(if you want to continue the Family Fortunes theme check this out its very good

Anyway, I digress, Bank of America your website sucks! Make some changes…or are you scared that everyone outside of America is a money landering terrorist and why would they possibly want to open a bank account with you?


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