#MIDEM Bruce Houghton: On the Road to MIDEM 2011: How Much Has Really Changed?

Hypebot’s Bruce Houghton, a frequent contributor to MIDEMBlog, shares the prevailing pre-MIDEM mood: when will things take off at last…?!

By Bruce Houghton

Bruce Houghton

As I pack my bags to attend MIDEM, I do so with a touch of apprehension because, while so much in the music industry has changed, so much remains the same:

  • Overall music sales are a fraction of what they were, but strong new sources of income have yet to emerge.
  • The same major labels still dominate most sales and airplay charts.
  • While new faces fill the digital slots, the senior executive suites at those majors remain controlled by men who have a proven resistance to real change.
  • Few strong new independent labels have emerged to challenge this old guard.
  • Even if Spotify were to use MidemNet to announce a U.S. launch, rightsholders stalled for far too long. And too many other worthy music services remain in an ill-defined line waiting for licencing.
  • In most countries, copyright laws are still unequipped to handle an age of digital music creation and consumption.

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