Which alcohol brands grew the most in December?

Interesting to see the marked in crease in the age demographics of Facebook users and some of the gains here in terms of alcohol brands…..are underage teenagers drinkers still buying, consuming and driving adoption of these products in their peer group!…..

December is a time of many celebrations including probably the biggest one – New Year’s Eve. How did the alcohol brands perform on Facebook in these times?

We bring you the list of most growing alcohol brands on Facebook in December:

Top growing alcohol Page in December was Heineken, gaining almost 110k new fans! This is probably also because of their recent Facebook page mergers which has been happening last month. Second position goes to Captain Morgan USA Facebook page. This page gained almost 83k new fans reaching all together 560 thousand fans. This page is doing a really great job and is by far the best Captain Morgan Facebook page out there.

Third position in the top gainers is occupied by Bud Light Page attracting more than 60 thousand new fans in December and reaching a total number of 931 thousand fans which makes it the second biggest alcohol page on Facebook neighboring Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey on the 1st place and Heineken on the 3rd position overall.

Another positions in the top gaining alcohol pages in December go to above-mentioned Jack Daniel’s Page (+58k new fans), Budweiser (+35k new fans) and again to one of local pages for Captain Morgan, this time in South Africa (+25.5 new fans).

The top 10 list is closed by two German local pages – Aperol Spritz and Baileys, and Jim Beam with Smirnoff.

Overall we can see that especially local pages of Captain Morgan are doing a great job attracting new fans and it will be interesting to compare their local approach with one of the global brand such as Heineken or Jack Daniel’s.


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